Importers and breweries

Ekopulloyhdistys ry (Ekopullo) administrates a system of refillable beverage packages subject to a deposit that includes various primary, secondary and tertiary packages (transport units).

Ekopulloyhdistys develops and promotes the use of units in system together with its members and stakeholders and recycles the materials of the units withdrawn from use. These measures reduce the amount of packaging waste in landfills and in the environment.

The costs of Ekopullo’s operations are covered by the entrance and membership fees charged from members. The association is non-profit.

Become a member

All Finnish and foreign companies that engage in the packaging or distribution of beverages in Finland can apply for membership in Ekopulloyhdistys ry. Please read Ekopullo’s price appendix first and then fill in Ekopullo’s membership application form. 

Return the signed membership application form to Ekopulloyhdistys ry and enclose the company’s trade register extract with the application. 

For further information on joining Ekopullo or its membership fees, please contact [email protected] or tel. +358 (0)9 868 9860. 

Fees and securities

Membership security table

Membership application form

The Board of Directors of Ekopulloyhdistys will approve new members on the basis of the written application and its attachments. Ekopullo will inform the applicant of the Board’s decision.

 After the membership decision, the applicant shall

  • sign Ekopullo’s management agreement
  • pay the association’s entrance fee
  • provide Ekopullo’s membership security

After these steps, the member can start using the units specified in the application. The member shall comply with Ekopulloyhdistys ry’s rules and management rules in its operations.

Current members

Extract from the producer register 19 May 2020 (only in Finnish)

Ekopulloyhdistys ry’s member register 1 March 2024 (only in Finnish)

Standard bottles and transport units

Standard units considerably reduce the number of units required, which increases the efficiency of their use and circulation in the supply chain. In addition, standard units considerably reduce the need for sorting and the intermediate handling of empty units. Ekopullo’s Board of Directors will approve the bottles and transport units proposed by Ekopullo’s member companies for use in the system if they are used by more than one Ekopullo member. Units approved for use in the system will remain under Ekopullo’s management for as long as they are used by even one member. Ekopullo’s members can choose to use one or more of the units included in the system.

Reuse and recycling

Transport units are manufactured of durable raw materials to ensure a long service life. Transport units damaged in use can, in most cases, be repaired and returned into use. When the transport units are no longer used, their materials continue to provide high-quality recycled raw material.

Glass bottles

Returned glass bottles are washed and inspected. Metal corks removed from the glass bottles are forwarded to metal recycling and paper labels are utilized in energy production. Damaged glass bottles are removed from use on the basis of automated inspection and sent to recycling. As the outcome of crushing and color sorting at the recycling plant, the glass bottles provide extremely clean and high-quality recycled raw material for instance for the production of new glass bottles.

Plastic crates, trays and mini-dollies

Reusable beverage crates, plastic trays and mini-dollies are made of recycled HDPE or PP plastic by injection moulding, and they last for 10-20 years in normal use. Damaged plastic transport units are withdrawn from use in post-washing inspection. The material of the units provides excellent recycled raw material that can be used to manufacture new transport units or other plastic products.

Metal dollies

Metal dollies have a long service life. Dollies damaged in circulation can, in most cases, be repaired and returned into use. The metal frame of beverage dollies withdrawn from use provide excellent recycled raw material, and their wheels can be used as spare parts.

 Wooden PAN pallets

The PAN pallets in the Ekopullo system are made of high-quality raw materials and have proven to be more durable than the standard pallets. The PAN pallets fulfil the production, storage automation and work safety requirements set by the beverage industry. The PAN pallets are inspected every time they are used. Damaged pallets can, in most cases, be repaired using spare parts and returned into use. The repairs considerably extend their service life.

Diagram: Reuse, repair and recycling of bottles and transport units

Deposits for bottles and transport units

The selection available to Ekopullo members include a brown refillable 0.33-litre glass bottle, plastic trays suitable for PET or glass bottles and aluminium cans, dollies of various sizes and PAN pallets.

Deposit values and GTIN numbers of Ekopullo’s bottles and transport units: 

Deposits and palletizing for bottles and transport units

Only Ekopullo members are entitled to use the bottles and transport units that are part of the system. Any other use is prohibited. Any Ekopullo units that have ended up to operators outside the system must be returned to Ekopullo member companies without delay. For further information, please contact [email protected] or tel. +358 (0)9 868 9860